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  • Janette Keating

Chapter 12: Introducing... Quail Run

The most exciting part of this summer, and a turning point in our establishment of the Keating Family Farm and Vineyard is the inaugural release of our Cabernet Sauvignon!

“Quail Run” is now available!

Yes! Its finally ready! Bottling day was August 23 2022 after 22 months in French oak barrels at the winery. Our first boutique production produced 1200 bottles or 100 cases. The cases are stored in a temperature controlled environment awaiting distribution. It is our mission to produce the best wine possible with each growing season. We carefully select the grapes that go into Quail Run. The attentive consideration of Mike Nunez, our vineyard manager and Ken Wornick, our winemaker makes this project very intimate and special. Pat and I are very proud of how our wine is evolving.

Quail Run is considered an “Estate” wine, which means that all the grapes are grown exclusively on our farm.

The sustainable farming practices and the wine making are overseen by Pat and I from start to finish.

This wine represents the terroir of our place in the amazing Sonoma Valley where some of the world’s best wines have originated!

It is 100 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon

We’ve been waiting for this moment!

Thank you to our daughter Emily for designing an attractive label which reflects our admiration for Sonoma and the wildlife on our estate at Quail Run Way.

As a result of the upcoming blind tasting, we will share more about how the wine’s characteristics are described.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon! Stay tuned!

Ken Wornick Mike Nunez


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