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Welcome to our blog! 


Over the past five years, we have been developing our rural home/farm/vineyard in Sonoma. It is something that is enhancing our lives quite a bit. We want to share our experience with you! We want you to come visit. As you know, we are not really farmers! Yet we now have a farm to look after and it is so great for all of us to get back to nature! It grounds us in this fast paced world that is so removed from the “real” down home kinda life that sustains us all in one way or another even if you buy your veggies at a store. Life is slower in Sonoma, some even call it Slownoma. 

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family Harvest 2020 IMG_0379.jpeg

We invite you to subscribe to our blog and share in our experience while developing this “home away from home place” that provides a wonderful change for us all. 


It is our hope that you will enjoy hearing about the things we are learning about as we plant our roots in wine country. It is also our hope that you will follow us through until we have our own bottled wine to share with you! It will have been grown sustainably, and made by a professional winemaker. Our project and vineyard development is now bigger than we imagined and sharing it will be one way to ensure its all worthwhile!

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