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  • Jannette Keating

Chapter 14: Introducing Quail Run Wines

Getting to know our QUAIL RUN wine is such a pleasure. We have had the chance to share our wine with some of our friends and so far it is being well received. That is such a rewarding feeling for us after six years of waiting for the fruit and waiting for the wine to age long enough to be bottled.

The Blind Tasting (read our last journal entry) was an indication for us that it is a fine time to share this wine with wine lovers but we wanted to make it available to you (our friends) first! I have been developing a web page for the wine and you are the first to hear about it. Thank you for following us on this journey which has enhanced our lives so much. If you are interested in tasting our wine, you can now order it at

Our plan as grape growers/vintners is to limit our wine production to 100 cases per year. In wine country, this is considered to be a small production. We’re doing this because our goal is to produce the best expression of the vineyard we tend. It gives us pleasure to celebrate that with friends and family! We want to hear from all who try QUAIL RUN. We hope you’ll be as pleased as we are!


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