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  • Janette Keating

Chapter 18: Happy New Year - Happy to share our New Vintage!

We have had a marvelous year! It has been so much fun sharing the QUAIL RUN with everyone! QUAIL RUN has been enjoyed by people far and wide! 

We have had blind tastings, dinner parties, art workshops paired with wine tasting, and wine tasting parties! Fine dining restaurants in Sonoma have added it to their wine lists. Wine merchants in Sonoma have been enthusiastically sharing it with their customers and reorders are happening. It is being posted on Instagram. Recently, it was requested by a friend and sommelier in Canada. We found a way to get it there! Even our friends in Winnipeg are reporting that the quail are running there too! Lol! It was featured at Thanksgiving and Xmas dinners. Thank you all for the messages and feedback! It has been such a positive first year!

QUAIL RUN 2020 has had an excellent launch and feedback has been very positive. For those of you who purchased some or joined our wine club, this wine will keep for years to come in your wine cellar should you wish to age it for future special moments. 

If you enjoyed the 2020, try the 2021! 

The 2021 is NOW available and as before, the production was limited to only 100 cases. 

Wine club members will always be served their allocation each November, but if you value the quality and natural purity of the wine, as we do, and if you find it hard to wait till November, you can always contact me directly to inquire about extra wine shipments throughout the year. Wine members will be able to order extra wine at the wine member price year round as long as supplies last. 

NB: Our wine website for club members is set up so that if you are a member, shipments only come each November, extra orders must be arranged by contacting me directly.

Side line!!  FYI: Our family recently enjoyed a series on Netflix called “Drops of God”. It is about two talented wine tasters battling for the largest wine collection in the world. Fascinating story! It is in three languages, French, English and Japanese with subtitles… We recommend it. 

We look forward to a wine maker’s dinner that will take place at Sonocaia Winery. Ken Wornick, our winemaker for the 2020 has invited QUAIL RUN to be featured alongside wine made at Sonocaia including  the winery’s Reserve Sagrantino. What an honor!


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