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  • Janette Keating

Chapter 17: QUAIL RUN Wines: Tasting 101 Complete!

Tasting is apparently harder thank you think! I heard from some participants that it was very difficult to describe the aroma, and taste of wine. I always revere the Sommeliers! They are so talented.

Thank you to all the tasters who took the time to consciously savor 2020 QUAIL RUN and reply with thoughtful descriptions of the wine! It seems that most people saw a dark deep garnet, ruby or purple color. On the nose the feedback was quite consistently dark fruit aromas like cherry, blackberry blackcurrant, plum and cassis. There was a mention of cedar, tobacco, graphite and eucalyptus too! Tasting notes resembled the fruity aromatic descriptors with additional hints of spice and vanilla. Ratings from 3/5 to 5/5 were received. Mostly 4's and 5'S!

That is great news and such positive feedback!

Around town in Sonoma two of the best establishments have chosen to represent our wine. QUAIL RUN is now available at our favorite fine dining restaurant (Cafe la Haye) and a favorite local wine merchant (Sonoma's Best) has put it on his shelves! We are so appreciative of the response and honored to share our wine with the greater community!

Here comes the 2021!

Recently, I was at the winery for the bottling the 2021 vintage. It has been in French oak barrels since October 2021 (that's 22 months). Our incredible winemaker Faith Armstrong of Onward Wines has

taken care of this 2021 vintage since it was harvested. We tasted it from the barrel on a couple of occasions and witnessed how it developed throughout the last several months.

The new vintage differs slightly from the first one. 2021 is an excellent cabernet that is really expressive of the region's terroir where Sonoma's wine making began. The vines are at their prime and the grapes were beautiful. The lack of rain forced the vines to produce a concentrated fruit. The complexity is wonderful. I invite you to order and taste this wine to see for yourself.

Now is a great time to JOIN OUR CLUB!

Our limited production of only 100 cases per year won't last too long. Our club members order either 3, 6 or 12 bottles a year. You'll save by joining and payment and shipment will occur early in November, just in time for the holidays!


Thanks for submitting!

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