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  • Janette Keating

Chapter 5: Meet the Team

We are fortunate to know some of the best! Mike Nuñez, our vineyard manager heads his team of vineyard farmers. Visit He is born and raised in the Napa/Sonoma region and he has plenty of experience in the field! He also studied viticulture and now looks after many vineyards in the area. Since we came to know Mike, Pat and I have had numerous meetings and discussions about what is best, and our trust has grown immensely. Mike has taken the time to answer any questions we have and he steers us in the right direction. Each season, Mike’s predictions are correct and he really knows how to cultivate a healthy and productive vineyard. Our mutual goal has been to follow guidelines that ensure that our vineyard is “Sustainable and Organic”. Mike ’s team tends to each plant individually and they monitor the training of the vines, the growth, necessary pruning, maturity of the grapes and harvesting. They are also there to guide us with our olive trees.

Winemaker Ken and Manager Mike

Our winemaker is Ken Wornick. He has such a great track record in the world of viticulture and winemaking. We were introduced to Ken through Mike Nuñez. Ken began planting vineyards and working with vintners in the Silicon Valley. They met years ago and have become friends and associates. He has moved operations to Sonoma where his business is seriously developing. Visit Recently featured in a film called Tiny Vineyards, which debuted at Sonoma’s historic Sebastiani Theatre, Ken was the operations manager for a number of small private vineyards selected for the film. His work typically begins in the vineyard and continues into the winery. Since our initial meeting, Ken has monitored our vineyard alongside Mike. He is impressed with the robust vines we have cultivated under Mike’s guidance, They have been communicating with each other, so that our grapes are showing their best and ready for harvest when the time comes. Ken makes small batches of personalized wine for a growing number of local vintners. He is expanding his operations to include winery facilities on his private ranch. His sense of humor is so fresh and it pays tribute to his experience in the world of wine. Our discussions with Ken are always eye opening and fun.

Our family is also an integral part of this team. This family project has been instigated by Pat and I but our extended family seem to be enjoying the fun and pleasures of this work. Already, we are in it together, contributing where we can and enjoying the culture of wine country.


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